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In ya face magic offers exclusive corporate entertainment for business people. We pride ourself on providing high quality entertainment.

Special events, Galas, Conventions, Banquet presentation, Meetings, Annual gatherings, Awards-programs, Cocktail parties, Exclusive private parties, Client appreciation events, Corporate events and more.

Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions. Contact us and discover what we have to offer. We are looking forward to speaking with you.

CORPORATE MINGLE - Have Franklin at your next holiday party, fundraiser or company function, perform and astonish your guest up close.  This is perfect for events where everyone is mingling with each other and you need a performer to walk amongst the guest to perform intimate miracles.  If you are having an event like a cocktail party and you are really looking to create a high impression then strolling entertainment is perfect.  Franklin will mingle with guest and perform demonstrations such as...tell people the name of their first kiss...or cause a spoon to bend in your guests hands.  Impress your CEO when Franklin is able to predict how many dollars he/she is carrying in his/her wallet.

STAGE PERFORMER/SPEAKER - If you're having a formal event and need a presenter at your next conference, banquet or fundraiser, Franklin's 30 minute presentation on the subject matter of ESP and telekinises, along with demonstrations such as guessing ramdom objects people think of, moving objects without physical force and causing an audience member to feel an invisable entity's touch, is interactive and will challange your audiences perception in this matter.

RESTAURANT - How can you benefit from having a performer at your restaurant. Keep customers entertained and happy while they wait for their meals to come out. Makes the time go by that much faster even when orders take too long.  Provide customers waiting to be seated a unique experience. The main benefit is to help with the flow of the restaurant and assist management in providing the customer with a memorable dining experience.






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